What We Offer

We produce glass for a variety of European classic cars, as well as for custom projects


Sicurvetro is well recognized among classic car enthusiasts as the original-like brand with the correct thickness and other features, similar to original windshields and other glasses. Sicurvetro is also one of the few, if not the only modern brand, to pass the scrutiny of the most demanding concours judges with no points loss for being a reproduced glass. Our products for classic cars include laminated windshields and tempered side/back glasses, especially for sports cars of various makes.
Italian makes and models are extensively represented from early 1950's onwards, due to their smaller production-numbers originally, but German ones are also very well represented. Many others are represented well too, although not as comprehensively.

Our toolings range to hundreds of different models from coupes and spyders to race cars. Occasional rare saloon cars are represented as well. Everything we do is made to order only, so as a producer we do not carry extensive stock.
We have good flexibility though, for timely deliveries or even a few occasional rush orders. If we currently do not have what you need, then click the contact button and let's talk!


Extreme shapes

Besides for the automotive industry, Sicurvetro is perhaps the only producer today in providing collectors with glass-products in difficult-to-do shapes.  Be it a multi-shaped windshield, for ex. an Alfa 2600 Sprint Zagato, Lancia Flaminia SS Zagato, a Porsche racer, or even a late 50's American cruiser, just to name a few, we have the solution for you; either the product is available or we will make it available for you! Just contact us about the options!

If your tempered door glasses or rear glasses are difficult to obtain, then just ask us about it! We can supply both cylinder bent as well as complex bent ones requiring a tooling. For example, many Lamborghini door glasses were complex bent, as were the rear glasses for cars such as the Ferrari 246GT/GTS, just to name a few.


One-offs and prototypes

Sicurvetro is known among the automotive producers, design houses, carrozzerias, restorers and private collectors as THE source for quality one-off windshields at a practical cost! Due to our hands-on flexible production, we are able to offer deliveries for one-offs in a very competitive time frame.

For security reasons, we usually urge our clients to take more than one glass, usually 3 pieces, from the one-off tooling we make for the project. This is to ensure there is another glass available if the other breaks in installation, and another for future use, especially if the car is to be driven occasionally. Our capabilities include computer-assisted design to produce a composite jig, which comes handy for modern prototypes. But fastest and by far most economical results come if an actual jig or alloy/etc. sample-template of the glass in question made by i.ex. the body-shop is sent to us. Please do not hesitate to ask us more details to help your special project.



Sicurvetro is your main source for those very hard to find windshields and door glasses. Throughout the years, we have focused in supplying the classic automotive scene with glasses that have until now been very difficult to obtain. This has influenced our range of products to include windshields for some of the most limited classics, mostly sports cars, and often Italian. German makes and models are well represented also, as well as some other makes and models besides from Italy and Germany. Windshields range mostly from coupes, spyders and race cars to the few rare saloons.

We also specialize in tempered door/rear glasses in various shapes, but tempered ones are usually not sold individually. Many clubs have joined forces here to obtain what they need to rise to the 10 to 20 car minimum quantities to obtain a desired cost level. Please ask more details of quantities and costs.

Due to our hands-on approach, we are able to produce and offer products direct from the factory in smaller quantities than many other producers. We are driven by our own enthusiasm in classic cars through the hobby, and are ready to help you as best as we can!