Sicurvetro is one of the leading producers of low volume automotive glass and one-off glass products for the classic cars industry. Sicurvetro is known as being the brand of choice when it comes to originality and the perfect fit of classic car replacement glass. Since the very beginning, Sicurvetro has set its core values in OEM-like originality in specifications, and in deep knowledge of classic cars and their special intricacies.

Our typical clientele includes car manufacturers, design houses, restoration shops, car clubs, classic car parts dealers, as well as collectors around the world. Whether for a new prototype for the next international car show, a one-off specialty, or simply another classic sports car in your collection, we are most certain we can help you with your glass needs.

Sicurvetro was established in the later part of the 90's as an answer to the parts needs of classic sports cars owners. As an enthusiastic collector of classics himself, the owner, Antti Wihanto, found himself in the need for some of the "rarer than hen's teeth" windshields for a few of his own Italian classics. At the same time, he was in talks about parts with his now longest standing client, Matteo Jones of Re-Originals.

Matteo shared the the need for some windshields for the rarer classics. This eventually led to the quick birth of bespoke windshield fabricating in Southwestern Finland, where small scale glass fabrication has been a generations long tradition.

Antti has been a classic car enthusiast since the early 80's, and deepened his interests in classics, especially European sports cars, during his stays in sunny Southern California in the later part of the 80's and early 90's when the collectors market first started blooming in to its current state. Simultaneously with the founding of Sicurvetro in late 90's, Antti took his hobby to another level by founding the Classic Sportscar Concours d'Elegance. With hundreds of sports cars and thousands of visitors, this invitational event has grown to be the largest of such concours events in Scandinavia these past 25 years!