Frequently Asked Questions

We mainly specialize in classic Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Iso's, Bizzarrinis and such rarer and "obsolete" or complex-bent windshields, but we also have  molds for quite a few rare Lancias, Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Mercedes', BMW's, Porsches, among others, especially from the 50's and 60's.

We produce laminated (bonded) windshields and glasses, but we can also supply tempered/toughened glasses, i.ex. door glasses, for the rarer models through our affiliated network/sub-suppliers. Even cylindrically bent tempered  glasses for one-offs! Please ask for more info.

We take special care to ensure the fit of our glasses. All our molds and toolings are produced using an original OEM windshield as a sample template. Only like this can  anyone make sure the fit is as close to original as possible. We have scoured the world over to find these original specimens for our molds!

During a normal season, we can produce in 2-4 weeks from order. High season, add a week or two. With larger quantities of more complex or larger glasses, it could take a few weeks more. Contact us for more specific details.

For a regular crate with 1-5 pieces inside, you should count a couple of hundred Euros to urban destinations within EU, and about 600-1000 Euros by Air Economy overseas destinations like the U.S.

Since we are a very small "old world style" handicraft company, we are able to produce even single piece quantities for you! With the help of our local network, larger industrial quantities are also a possibility!

Yes, unlike some other modern producers, we produce our glasses as close to original "OEM" specification thickness as possible, unless otherwise recommended. This has proven to be very important with rubber gaskets.

Yes, we can make almost any color, as long as our material suppliers make it. Most of the classic glasses were either clear, green with or without a dark green top shade or clear with a blue top. Other colors could also be available. Please ask!

Due to our own engagement in classic car concours events and judging, we find that many of our clients are very concerned about the correct appearance of their parts. Our period-style etched Sicurvetro marking has a wide acceptance as the most authentic style marking in the scene.

Yes, we can instruct you with photos on how to construct an "old school" template to send us. It is not very difficult to make!

A very robust handmade wooden shipping crate is needed. Crates are under and a bit over 100 Euros depending on size. Insurance starts at 20-25 Euros/shipment for anything valued under 5000 Euros.

EU: From dispatch, between 4-8 working days on average.

United States: Air Economy in 7-14 days on average.
Very large quantities by sea: 4-8 weeks.

Air Economy is preferred by clients, not only for the faster service than by sea, but by experience the handling is also more careful than by sea to overseas destinations.

Depending on the destination, many of our clients prefer ordering at least a couple of glasses (even different ones are OK) to be put in one crate, just to divide the shipping-costs to further overseas deliveries like the U.S. or Australia. This could be a significant cost reduction if ordering from non-EU destinations, please remember that you might also have to pay customs and other taxes depending on your country's regulations.

Our regular shipping company can almost always help you with importation, if so desired! It is not very complicated after all, especially if you are able to pick up from the airport depot, and want to save on your domestic inland shipping costs.